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Why Attend Evolve Conferences?
We guarantee that you will evolve to your higher self at our Evolve Conferences. In just one day, we will help you unlock international markets, grasp tech-driven wealth creation, and master intentional living.

  •  Meet Industry Leaders
    Evolve Conferences provide a unique, welcoming, professional platform for startup entrepreneurs to forge connections and acquire knowledge from esteemed industry leaders
  • Mentorship Platform
    Charles Awuzie Mentorship Program mentors thousands in Africa on tech, entrepreneurship and intentional living. Our events foster real-world mentor connections.
  • C. Book Signing
    Participate in exclusive book signing sessions featuring your favorite authors. Get a chance to get a signed copy of Dr. Charles Awuzie’s  newly published – ‘Evolve in 30 Days’ manual.


Who Should Attend?

Startup entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and those seeking tech-driven wealth creation should attend the Evolve Conference. Evolve Conferences are ideal for anyone eager to become the best version of themselves and live intentionally. Don’t miss out.


The Destination Hotel, Abuja.

29th September 2023

Speakers & Mentors

We have invited some of the best brains in strategic industries to speak at Evolve Conference.








Ossai Ilome >Evolve Team Leader

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Faith Okema








Faith Okema  > Admin CAMP

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Olajide Abiola- CEO, Gidanka

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sammy smart








Summy Smart Francis- Founder, AYE

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peter Xing








Peter Xing- Fmr. Director of Innovation, KPMG

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Charles Awuzie








Charles Awuzie- Host, Evolve Conferences

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Ticket packages:

  • Standard ticket #45,000
  • VIP Ticket #85,000
  • Group of 3 Ticket #95,000

For Sponsorship:

  • Silver sponsorship #1m
  • Gold sponsorship #4m
  • Platinum sponsorship #4m
Be part of Evolve Conferences. EvolveX is an open version of Evolve Conference which can be hosted by any of the mentors in our Evolve Ecosystem.

For more details  login to Evolve.camp


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