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10 Useful Websites every curious person must know!

10 Useful Websites every curious person should know and use in 2023: by Charles Awuzie.
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1. Do you need to get your first degree or PhD but want to study within a specified budget and period of time? Visit Thank me later.

2. – you need to know what’s happening everywhere in the world to sharpen your intelligence. This website is run by one man called Anup Shah who began reporting global News because the likes of CNN and BBC can be biased.

3. Replace Google with
Google is the worst search engine any security conscious person should use. Switch to DuckDuckGo – you can search any dirty thing under the sun without fearing that the authorities are watching you. Google is not safe for you.

4. Make your life easier with – this is a utility website you can use to split, merge, sign, unlock, compress or even add security to PDF files.

5. Do you suffer from lack of commitment to your goals? Has procrastination caused you delay in life? Use this website to enter into a contract with yourself. and hold yourself accountable to your personal goals. This has helped me personally. This is the secret of committed leaders. They enter into contracts with themselves.


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6. Do you want to know what was happening in the world in the year you were born?
Just go to and select your birth year.

7. Want to understand your own body and help live healthier? Visit and check out their anatomy side.

8. Are you building your own website and need graphics without background? Go to and download transparent images for your project.

9. – if you are the curious type and want to have relationship with a real spy and hacking company. Whatever cybersecurity or spy problem you have, they have a solution which is usually not even advertised on their website.

10. You just bought a new laptop and need to safely install softwares on it? Visit

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