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Bring money to your Employer – Charles Awuzie.


Charles Awuzie the  currently CEO of Gemsbok Group – a South African InfoTech company and  also the  co-founded of Transhuman Coin wrote on his facebook timeline on the need for workers to take money to their employers.

bring money to your employee






He wrote:

Early last week, I had a call with a friend who’s a newly appointed government official in a Northern State in Nigeria….

I initiated the call because I wanted to discuss Evolve Conference with him. Then we got talking about his state and politics. I asked him What he was doing to bring money into his State? He said that’s not his job. I laughed. I told him that’s the major problem in Nigeria.

Everyone is looking for a way to get money out of the government but nobody is thinking of a way to bring money into the government.

I know the feeling out there – “the government has money, the government doesn’t need money, the government is corrupt… Etc” . Yes, we understand these sentiments. But can I tell you the secret to greatness – DON’T FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM. BRING SOLUTIONS. BE A BEARER OF Solutions.

STOP LOOKING FOR HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN MAKE FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT. Think of how much investments you can attract into your State.


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At the end of the call with the friend, I told him of opportunities by Google and big tech that can bring in millions of dollars to his state. I told him about afro-centric Chinese programs that can benefit thousands of people in his State at NO COST TO GOVERNMENT. I told him that it is a crime to be part of any organisation including government if you are not thinking of attracting MONEY into that system. I sent him links to online applications for those grants and interest free funds.

Here’s the thing I lead multiple companies – the most useless team members are those who do not think about how to bring money into the company but they know a million ways we can spend the little we have.

Whether you are working for government or corporate, BRING MORE MONEY TO YOUR EMPLOYER THAN YOU TAKE. This is the secret to your own Growth.

Let this mindset be in you as it’s in Charles Awuzie.


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