Starting a Career in content marketing.

What is content marketing and how do i start?

This is a process of conceiving, planning producing and distributing contents to reach business goals.

5 vital steps for a successful content development process.

  1. Set content goals
  2. Perform audience research
  3. Hone your content strategy
  4. Write
  5. Publish and distribute

Set content goals: at which stage in the content marketing funnel would you like to meet your potential customers? Before you even think about topics or audience, consider what you want your content to accomplish.

NB- as you set content goals you will also needs to decide how to measure content marketing success. Some commonly used metrics are:

  • Blog traffic
  • SEO ranking
  • Social shares
  • Lead generation
  • Client relations.

How to get started with content marketing

Most beginners tends to think content creation starts with our own ideas, what you want to say. But the brainstorming process actual starts with understanding your audience, imaging what they want/value, what they find interesting, what previous content has appealed to them and why.

Good content creation is about what your audience wants to hear not what you want to say. That means understanding what they are searching in google.

N/B identifying what your audience cares about will help  you generate better more impactful content ideas later in the process.

Who is my audience?

Basics questions or statistics {age, interest, education, location, buying habits go along way and you can branch from there}. Example:  if you know your audience is recent high school graduate, your content creation planning will already looking different with this knowledge.

What does my audience already know?  What don’t they know?

This helps you to avoid redundancy, give you the by-of-the-land, and shows you what you can and what you can’t assume your audience already knows. Again basics helps.

Does my audience knows my company and my products and how much?

What assumption or strategy types do they carry? Maybe you are talking to audiences who are already partially expects   like doctors or engineers. Be such to tailor your content specifically to the needs, education and reading well of your audience.

What does my audience cares about and what don’t they care for?

List and identify what your audience care about. How does this align with what your business provides? These points of alignment are building blocks for content creation that is not only informative but inspires trust.

What should I research for content creation?

The short answer is any and everything you plan to write about

  • You need to understand everything happening underneath and the surface.
  • Good content reduces negation of information into of information into what most relevant and helpful to the reader.
  • Research gives you authority to speak about what is important but it also improves your writing skills, gives you confidence and continuity.

How should I format my identity?

  • Voice and style to align with your brand and create unity across every single piece.
  • Search engine optimization, keywords, questions and phrases to ensure higher SEO ranking and make sure that your content is actually being seen.
  • Call to action to ultimately convert the person reading the content into an outcome, such as making the sale, subsiding to an email/platform or contacting you.
  • Links to increase the SEO value of certain pieces of content and help your reader navigate to relevant sources/page mentioned in your writing.

component  are the bones and muscles of your content and they you organize, develop and communicate your ideas effectively.

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