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You are not keeping the law of prayer if you eat!

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You’re not keeping the law of prayer if pray and stop, and if you don Pray every second of your life!

A Nigerian blogger explains what praying without ceasing means!


They tell you that the Bible said to pray ”without ceasing” They are quick to quote this verse even though the truth is that no one can pray without ceasing.

Pray without ceasing means:

“pray nonstop”

“Pray without taking a break”

“Pray every second of your life”

It means you should do nothing else but pray. No sleeping, no eating, no drinking, no working, no nothing. Just pray continuously without CEASING!

If there’s anyone who has kept this ’commandment’ let him or her cast the first stone against this post.

You see, we shout and speak a lot of nonsense without taking a pause to know what it means.

The same Bible commanded that you should not pray in vain repetition.

Have you not been praying in vain repetition? Is your last Sunday’s prayer requests not the same as today’s own?


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“You’re not keeping the law of prayer if pray and stop, and if you don Pray every second of your life!”

He went ahead to say: Repeating the same prayer can only mean two things; either your god is deaf or you have no faith.

If you asked God in FAITH for ‘healing’ yesterday, repeating the same prayers today means you have no faith. If you have faith that God has heard you and answered your prayers, you won’t pray in vain repetition.

So, constant prayer is not for serious believers but for the faithless ones. Read that again.

One with faith can grow old without praying except by giving thanks because his or her faith is strong enough to believe in the wisdom of God.

He concluded by asking an important question: did the Bible not say that we have been predestined by God?

If God the All-knowing and the All-powerful has seen your ending from your beginning and has predestined, preordained, and predetermined what you will become, why do you pray instead of just letting the will of God for your life be fulfilled?

Trust me, I really want to understand it.

Don’t even say the devil can thwart the plans of God except you are acknowledging that the devil is more powerful than God.


people’s reactions:

Owen Nnamdi said

When you ask me if I have prayed, my only answer will be I have my way of praying, which is Thanksgiving 

So many have been blinded by what they think the scriptures or the Bible said

This brought me to the third word.” predestined by God.” this shows that God has given us everything.

Bright Ada said

I prefer to work without ceasing, because it has a way of keeping you awake and aware of the time of drought.


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